For individual and group work. For discussion groups and meeting.
Mobile and classic table for teachers and tutors.

Our patented 5-Sided Table:
Universally applicable from Primary School to Adult Education.

Teacher's Tables

Mobile Teacher's Table

The Contemporary Teacher’s Working Space: always in the middle of things. Variable use for all teaching situations.

Classic Teacher's Desk

In classic, compact & sturdy four-legged design with 3 different lower units.

Ergonomic Chairs & Seating

Designed for healthy, dynamic sitting - promote concentration.

The Footrest Chair

One learning height for all. The adjustable Footrest Chair for Primary School pupils of all years.

Cantilever Chair

Dynamic seating in a new dimension. Even more agile, bouncy, comfortable. For a strong back and sustained concentration.

Swivel Chair

Mobile, ergonomic, comfortable. With gas lift. Perfect for faculty rooms, specialist and computer rooms, ...

Stacking Bench

Extremely versatile and robust. In the sports hall or assembly hall, in the corridor, classroom, recreation room, ... for sitting and lying down.

NEW & ideally combinable!

Flexible learning and playing in the classroom:

Standing. Sitting. Lying.

5-Sided Mat

Creates dynamic islands for seating, recreation and relaxation. Our lounge family‘s versatile newcomer.

Saddle Stool

Helps keep the body in motion while stimulating attention and concentration. Ideal for more flexible forms of teaching, recreation and leisure. Indoors and outdoors.

5-Sided Lounge

The Lounge Concept for Learning, Recreational and Communication Areas. Extremely variable and versatile Seating Elements.

Office Swivel Chair

The Premium Swivel Chair: seating comfort & ergonomics as if tailor-made. Adapts perfectly to any body size & changing sitting positions.

Footrest Chair SP

The flexible chair for people of smaller stature - for school and home. Features 5-way adjustable footrest.

Cabinets & Storages

Our multi-talents for storage space, storage, table extension or standing workstations.

Storage Cabinet

The multi-talent: storage space, shelf, table extension and standing workstation. Optimal for primary school.

Property Cabinet

Compact, sturdy & ideal for small classrooms.

5-Sided Table & Storage Cabinet

Fits perfectly, because of the same height of 74 cm. Ideal for extending table tops in group projects.

Mobile Teacher's Caddy

The mobile tidying miracle. Always have everything with you, no matter what class you‘re in.


Less noise. Less stress.


Highly effective & cost-efficient. Optimize speech intelligibility, reduce stress & noise.

Stainless Steel Stand

Vertical edges in rooms can also generate strong disturbing noises. In offices or small conference rooms, a vertically placed acoustic optimizer can provide the remedy. For this purpose, we offer the Stainless Steel Stand.


Table Socket

With USB charging ports. For the optimal power supply: Right where it's needed - directly at the 5-Sided Table.

Property Tray

For 5-Sided Tables and Property Cabinets. As a property compartment for primary school or as a universal material box.

Interchargeable Glieds

For Cantilever Chairs and Footrest Chairs.