The ingenious 5-Sided Table for all learning concepts and seminars

Distance without effort. Ingenious single and group table. As flexible as the situation demands.


The Cantilever Chair: Dynamic sitting in new dimensions.

Even more dynamic, flexible, comfortable.
For a strong back and sustained concentration.


A Lounge Concept for learning,
recreational and communication areas.

Extremely variable and versatile.


The intelligent Acoustic System

Optimizes speech intelligibility, reduces noise, reduces stress.
Effective, inexpensive & easy.


Teacher Caddy

The personal, mobile teacher's cabinet with mailbox. Accompanies you from room to room.

Mobile Teacher's Table

The contemporary teacher's working space. Mobile & variable, usable for all teaching situations.

Table Socket

With USB charging ports. For the optimal power supply: Right where it's needed - directly at the 5-Sided Table.

Seminar Furniture for Adult Education: an overall concept that serves the goal of creating a perfect learning environment. Based on the cornerstones of the EWT.5 5-Sided Table, the EWS.3 Cantilever Chair and the EWA Acoustic System, the concept is rounded off with flexible solutions for the lecturers, among other things.