Table Socket with USB charging ports

the Optimal Power Supply:
Exactly where it is needed - directly at the 5 Sided-Table.

Advantages of our Table Socket:

  • Attachment to one table only
  • The other tables remain freely movable
  • Easy to mount with allen key
Kooperative Arbeit im Büro mit dem Fünfecktisch von EinrichtWerk

We all know it:

the battery of the smartphone, tablet or laptop always runs out at the wrong moment. And then you need to put a beamer on the table. No problem with the EWE Table Outlet: perfect power for everyone in the group. And only one table is "tied" to the power supply - the other tables remain flexible. The Table Outlet is easily connected with an allen key - and just as easily removed again.

Technical Specifications of the Table Socket:

Die flexible Tischsteckdose von EinrichtWerk mit kompatiblem Kabel

Basic Set EWE.2:

  • 2 outlets, total power:
    16 A / 250 V - max. 3600 W
  • 4 USB charging ports
    2,1 A / 10,5 W - 5,0 V:
    2 x USB-A, 2 x USB-C
  • Connecting cable 3 m

Combi Set EWE.4:

  • 4 outlets, total power:
    16 A / 250 V - max. 3600 W
  • 8 USB charging ports
    2,1 A / 10,5 W - 5,0 V:
    4 x USB-A, 4 x USB-C
  • Connecting cable 3 m

For other configurations and power connections outside of Germany, please ask us.

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