The Stacking Bench: in 5 seat heights.

Extremely versatile and durable.

Die gestapelte Stapelbank von EinrichtWerk
Die Stapelbank von EinrichtWerk für jede Sitzposition geeignet
Die Stapelbank von EinrichtWerk

Our Stacking Bench EWS.40 is the perfect companion in all rooms to easily and quickly create additional seating or storage space. Whether in the sports hall, assembly hall, corridor, classroom or recreation room ... these stable and robust Stacking Benches are useful in countless places. However, if they are not needed, they can be stacked and stored in the corner in no time.

universelle Stapelbank von EinrichtWerk

Stacking Bench EWS.40 

  • 25 mm fine particle board seat (E1 quality), melamine coated on both sides, ABS edge
  • 30 mm curved four-legged base made of round  tube steel, frame 40 x 20 mm steel profile
  • all metal parts powder-coated, RAL 9006 white aluminum
  • abrasion-resistant floor protectors

Technical Specifications for the Stacking Bench:

universelle Stapelbank von EinrichtWerk


a: In 5 seat heights:

G2 – seat height: 30 cm (total depth d: 42 cm)
G3 – seat height: 34 cm (d: 44 cm)
G4 – seat height: 38 cm (d: 46 cm)
G5 – seat height: 42 cm (d: 48 cm)
G6 – seat height: 46 cm (d: 50 cm

b: width 100 cm

c: seat depth 32 cm


8,3 kg


powder-coated, RAL 9006 white aluminum

Finish Seat:

  • light gray,
  • birch
  • beech

Special colors on request


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