About EinrichtWerk

Learning: Until a few years ago, this term had something finite about it. It was part of our childhood, first at home, then in nursery school, during the school years, and later still as young adults in training or at college. And then working life began and learning moved out of focus. Today we‘ve taken many steps forward. We know how learning works - and that it never stops. And: Learning is no longer just a linear process that always follows the same pattern, but it‘s also something fun.

As a team with extensive experience in the field of educational furniture, we have closely examined, listened to, and analyzed the challenges facing teaching in our schools and adult education today. With the first, most important realization: new forms of learning only really work well if the furniture also makes this possible. On our way to the best possible learning environment, we learned about many aspects that make for good learning.

The most important points:

Learning at eye level

Learning at eye level means: actually being able to look each other in the eye, explain, ask, understand each other. We make this possible by providing school desks of equal height for all age groups and appropriate seating for different heights. For the youngest through footrest chairs. For us, this is the first step towards a positive learning process in which all participants can meet each other in an appreciative and attentive manner.

Learning as a communicative and social process

If you meet at eye level, it‘s easy to strike up a conversation - and when it comes to tasks, it‘s easier to find joint solutions. A one-on-one conversation is still comparatively simple. But the larger a learning group is, the more important comprehensibility and visibility become. We‘ve solved this problem with the unique shape of our 5-sided table. In all possible group sizes, all conversation partners can look each other in the eye and also understand what someone is saying. This is the basis for learning and working processes in which all members of the group can grow. And: Everyone is visible in such a configuration, nobody can or has to hide!

Learning needs peace

A permanent background of noise has an effect on us: we become unfocused, irritable, tired. It‘s the same with the busy street outside our bedroom, with continuously loud music, with the permanent construction site in the neighborhood. Often, exactly such conditions prevail in classrooms - and especially when it comes to the fact that in phases of group work, the participants are expressly told to exchange ideas. This is inevitable when several participants talk at the same time in different groups. With our new and innovative acoustic elements, we break up a large part of the sound reflections, contributing to a more pleasant learning and working environment. More quietness means: higher concentration on the subject, a longer attention span, and a better learning curve.

Learning needs space and movement

Sometimes good teaching simply calls for freedom of movement. For setting up the class choir, for scenic presentations, for the common relaxation exercise on the floor or simply for romping around. That‘s why we designed our 5-sided tables and chairs to be compactly stacked in a few easy steps so they (almost) disappear. In the blink of an eye, the room is empty - and even rearranging it together is a movement unit in itself. And effortless to boot.

Learning needs imagination

It is the sum of all conceivable learning situations in individual and group work that ultimately defines our portfolio - including our unique 5-sided table EWT.5. Our furniture supports diverse creative processes through its almost unlimited flexibility. Focused, concentrated, team-oriented, age-spanning. For this concept, we immersed ourselves in the topic of learning for many years - and let our imaginations run wild.

Learning never stops

Maximum flexibility in any subject for the individual and for the group: Our entire range follows this claim from the 5-sided table, our footrest chair, wall cabinets and personal storage spaces to the informal seating elements and quieting acoustic elements. From primary school to adult education. At universities as well as in companies. Equal, inclusive. Analog or digitally supported.

Learning has so many faces. Our aspiration is to put a smile on everyone‘s face and keep make the joy of learning lifelong.

Our cooperation partner:

eduhu is the result of a cooperation between Schule Digital Begreifen (SDB) and EinrichtWerk. We notice time and again that schools are enthusiastic about our flexible furniture, but that in practice they often continue to use traditional teaching methods and do not take advantage of the possibilities offered by the mobile furniture.

Schule Digital Begreifen: that's the educationalists Michelle Hamel and Steffen Brill and the computer scientist Christopher Utsch. The three of them came together because they want to enable teachers to get the most out of the existing technical conditions at the individual school and to create innovative lessons despite the given limitations.

When EinrichtWerk and Schule Digital Begreifen met at the beginning of 2022, it was clear after a very short time that everyone involved had the same ideas about what needed to change in the educational landscape. After intensive workshops, discussions and joint talks, the first idea of what eduhu is today emerged within a few months. Since then, eduhu has been evolving to give as many teachers as possible the chance to do the best teaching. This is not only about digital teaching, but also about modern teaching concepts, concrete aids and, last but not least, school development as a whole.