EWS.30 Saddle Stool and Saddle Seat 

The 2-in-1 Multi-Talent for ergonomic, active Sitting. All in One.

Helps keep the body in motion while stimulating attention and concentration. Ideal for more f lexible forms of teaching, recreation and leisure. Indoors and outdoors.

This innovative stool is a prime example of dynamic unrestricted seating and perfectly complements standard forms of seating. When upright, the mobile multi-talent provides wholly functional seating for children and adults. Featuring a comfortable height and a supportive seat shell without having a backrest. This means that the body has to actively balance itself and thus always remains in motion, even during longer periods of sitting. This strengthens the torso muscles, relieves the spine and counteracts not only fatigue but also drops in performance and concentration. The front seat angle promotes an upright sitting posture and encourages changing leg positions.

Advantages of our Saddle Stool EWS.30:

  • Saddle seat and stool in one
  • Promotes movement, attention and concentration
  • Promotes active, dynamic sitting
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

The twist: When rotated by 90°, the innovative stool transforms into an ergonomic saddle seat that can sway back and forth - similar to a rocking horse.

This steady, gentle swaying isn‘t just fun, it also accommodates the natural inclination of children to be active, it engages the body and mind, and it promotes attention, concentration and creativity. Sturdy one-piece plastic design, stable, steadfast and washable. Perfect for classroom and outdoor recreation as well. 2.6 kg light (primary school size), effortless to carry even by first graders.

Idéal : À l‘intérieur comme à l‘extérieur

Ergonomic, steadfast seating.

Active, flexible saddle seat.

Easy to carry.

Space-saving stowing.

EWS.30 Technical Specifications

Material: Plastic (hard plastics)
Colours: blue, lime

Format 1 (Primary Schools):

Weight: 2,6 kg
Height: 36 cm
Dimensions: 31 x 38 x 41 cm

Format 2 (Secondary Schools)

Weight: 6,1 kg
Height: 46 cm
Dimensions: 40 x 49 x 52 cm

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