EWF.3 - The Footrest Chair: One Learning Height for All.

The adjustable Footrest Chair for Primary School pupils of all years.

Der flexible Fußrastenstuhl von EinrichtWerk

Promotes dynamic sitting and learning. Increases concentration.

The differences in size within a class are often considerable.

The physical differences are even more pronounced in mixed-year classes. This variable Footrest Chair offers the optimal solution. The ergonomic cantilever chair covers all body sizes from first to fourth graders. Tall and short pupils can work together at the same desk level and thus at eye level. The EWF.3 also offers teachers, carers and integration assistants a comfortable, integrated seat.

Advantages of our Footrest Chair EWF.3:

  • Creates a learning height/table level for everyone
  • Suitable for Primary School pupils of all ages
  • Promotes dynamic sitting and increases concentration
  • Robust, maintenance-free footrest - easily adjustable without tools
  • Optimally space-saving narrow design (chair circle)
  • Mobile & stackable (4 chairs)
  • Backpacks can be securely hung on the backrest

A chair for grades 1 to 4: universal use.

On our Footrest Chair, all children sit at the same height and at eye level with the teaching and support staff - the leg length is adjusted via the adjustable footrest. This way the children feel respected and the adults sit in a healthier posture at a normal height table and no longer bent over on children's chairs.

"I like the fact that you can no longer tip over with the chair. Even if you throw yourself backwards against the back of your chair, it doesn't move - and it swings nicely."

Pupil from Lauterbach Primary School

Der Fußrastenstuhl von EinrichtWerk: eine Lernhöhe für alle
Die ergonomisch federnde Rückenlehne der 3D-Sitzschale

Perfectly ergonomic, bouncy 3D Seat Shell.

Promotes dynamic seating.

The flexible backrest follows the natural shape of the back and provides optimal support. The newly developed functional core cushions loads and ensures that the body is always slightly in motion. Instead of remaining statically in one position, the sitter is encouraged to change his or her posture again and again. The result: the muscles are stimulated and tension and back problems are prevented. The pronounced knee roll protects against pressure points and blood stasis..

Extremely robust. Convenient to transport. Stackable and stackable.

Double-walled Seat Shell optionally made of polypropylene with closed, easy-to-clean surface or of naturally lacquered beech plywood. Thanks to the deep handhold, it can be carried on an outstretched arm to save energy.

More about this innovative  3D Seat Shell

"I like the fact that we are now all sitting at the same height."

Pupil from Lauterbach Primary School

mobiler Fünfecktisch für die Grundschule
Die dreifach verstellbare Fußraste von EinrichtWerk

Footrest adjustable in 3 heights.

  • Quick and easy with two hand grips.
  • Corresponds to size classes 2-4 (according to DIN EN 1729/1).
  • Seat height 51 cm.
Video on adjusting the footrest

So every backpack has the perfect hold.

Thanks to the slightly downward curved backrest, backpacks and bags cannot slide down. Thanks to the floor glides that are pulled far back, the Footrest Chair EWF.3 stands securely and stably even when loaded with heavy school bags and cannot tip over.
Nothing disturbs the lesson, the floor remains clear and no one trips over bags lying around.

Also an organisational gain.

Uniform seating for all classes with the footrest chair EWF.3:

  • Simplifies and makes your room planning more flexible.
  • Saves the space-intensive (and expensive) stocking with furniture of different sizes.
  • Does not need to be adapted to the annually changing demand.

For floor cleaning:

  • Easy to stack and chair up.
  • The stacking protectors also protect the table surface.
  • Max. 4 chairs are stackable.

Technical Specifications of the Footrest Chair EWF.3:

Die 3D-Sitzschale von EinrichtWerk in sechs verschiedenen Farben

Synthetic Seat Shell*
Polypropylene, double-walled and flexible.

Colours of the synthetic Seat Shell:
Orange, lime, brick red, grass green, sea blue, graphit

 * The footrest chair EWF.3 with a plastic shell cannot be delivered to Austria for licensing reasons.

Wood Shell
Model EWF.4 with seat shell made of high-quality 10-ply glued beech plywood, natural varnish.

Up to 4 chairs stackable.

  • 4 stack protectors
  • Footrest made of HPL solid core board, black, fully coloured
  • Footrest screwed invisibly (from below)

Special features
a: Armrest
b: Handhold
c: Knee-roll
d: Stack saver
e: 3-way adjustable footrest: simple and quick with two hand grips

GS-certified. No tipping, even when using the footrest as a step.

Der flexible Fußrastenstuhl von EinrichtWerk

a: Seat height 51 cm
b: Total width 42 cm
c: Depth 46 cm
d: Seat depth 34 cm
e: Seat width 36 cm 
f: backrest height 33.5 cm

Tubular frame made of special steel, Ø 22 mm with 2.5 mm wall thickness.

Interchargeable Glides
Either felt or plastic.
Easy replacement of the Interchargeable Glides: lever out the glide plate with a screwdriver.

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