EWF.3k - The flexible chair for students of smaller stature

The perfect chair for school and home

Thanks to the 5-way adjustable footrest, it can be easily and quickly adjusted to any leg length. This allows students of smaller stature to learn, work and sit at a school table fully integrated at the same height as classmates and teachers - and to sit at a conventional table at home with parents and siblings.

Advantages of our EWF.3k footrest chair

  • Classic desk height and yet the feet remain in a flat position.
  • The footrest can be quickly and easily adjusted to 5 different heights using 2 handles and without tools.
  • Thanks to the fixed position and the interchangeable footrest, our EWF.3k footrest chair does not tip over and poses no danger to people when the footrest is used as a footboard.
  • The two additional upper holes reduce the distance between the seat and footrest to 21 and 25 cm respectively.
Flexibles Lernen mit dem Stuhl für Inklusion
Ideale Fußrastenhöhe für Kleinwüchsige

Normal table height and yet the feet are firmly placed.

The footrest can be adjusted to 5 different heights quickly and easily with 2 hand grips and completely without tools, thus providing secure support even for shorter legs. Thanks to its firm stand and the forward placement of the floor glides, our EWF.3k chair is also tip-free and accident-proof for small statured children and people when the footrest is converted and used as a step. The two additional holes at the top of the chair shorten the distance between the seat and the footrest to 21 or 25 cm.

Doppelte Fußraste als Trittleiter für Kleinwüchsige

An optional second footrest can be delivered. 

This makes it easier to climb up and reach the seat of the chair independently and without any assistance. The ergonomically shaped 3D seat shell and the flexible backrest of our chair for those of small stature deliberately promote dynamic sitting and keep the body in a light state of motion. The resulting stimulation of the muscles prevents tension. The pronounced waterfall seat edge serves as protection against blood stasis and pressure points on the leg.

Das komfortable Rückenpolster für den verstellbaren Stuhl für kleinwüchsige Menschen von EinrichtWerk


Back cushion made of dimensionally stable foam, grey fabric cover, fastened with elastic. For people with very short thighs, the back cushion shortens the seat by 10 cm.

Dear team from EinrichtWerk!
Our family would like to praise your entire team! We were looking for a school chair for our son (hypochondroplasia) for Secondary School. We received very friendly and comprehensive advice from you on the phone. Very pragmatically, we were sent a sample chair by post to try out for 4 weeks, as your representative was not currently travelling with sample chairs in our region. We find that really inspiring! Otherwise, families with special children are always put in the way by the authorities, etc. There are hardly ever any problems, you always have to fight and have a lot of highly complicated construction sites to deal with. That's why we were really grateful for the solution you suggested and were delighted! The chair then arrived at our premises at turbo speed. We give the EWF.3k an A+ rating with an asterisk! Our son finds it comfortable and it adapts well to his anatomy. The seat depth is perfect for our son in terms of thigh length. The back cushion - although well thought out and really excellent - is not needed. The footrests are also easy to adjust. For children who need it, you can attach several footrests as a kind of staircase to climb onto the chair - our son only needs one of them. Visually, the chair fits perfectly into the classroom and at first glance is almost indistinguishable from the existing chairs there. As a mum, I think that's very important. It doesn't always have to stand out when aids or other furniture are needed. Luckily, our school and its sponsors decided to purchase this great chair from EinrichtWerk. And thanks to the great team at EinrichtWerk, the return of the sample chair was also completely unproblematic for us. 1,000 thanks, we can definitely recommend EinrichtWerk all round!

Kind regards M. Vogel

Letter from a customer

Ideale Fußrastenhöhe für Kleinwüchsige

Technical Specifications of the Footrest Chair EWF.3:

Die 3D-Sitzschale von EinrichtWerk in verschiedenen Farben

Synthetic Seat Shell

Polypropylene, double-walled and flexible.
In 3 colors.

Colours of the synthetic Seat Shell:

Brick red, sea blue, graphit.

* The EWF.3k footrest chair with plastic shell cannot be delivered to Austria for licensing reasons.

Special features 
a: Armrest 
b: Deep grip hole 
c: Knee roll 
d: Stacking protector 
e: 5-way adjustable footrest: quick and easy to adjust in two simple steps 

GS-certified. Tilt-free even when the footrest is used as a step.

Der flexible Fußrastenstuhl von EinrichtWerk

a: Seat height 51 cm 
b. Total width 42 cm 
c: Depth 46 cm 
d: Seat depth 34 cm 
e: Seat width 36 cm 
f:  Backrest height 33.5 cm 

Tubular frame made of special steel, Ø 22 mm with 2.5 mm wall thickness.

Doppelte Fußraste als Trittleiter für Kleinwüchsige

5-position adjustable Footrest 

  • adjustable in 5 heights (4 cm increments). 
  • Corresponds to size classes 2-4 (according to DIN EN 1729/1) 
  • Seat height 51 cm. 
  • Quick and easy with 2 handles.

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Interchargeable Glides
Either felt or plastic. Easy replacement of the Interchargeable Glides: lever out the glide plate with a screwdriver.

Die simple Verstellung der Fußraste des Fußrastenstuhls von EinrichtWerk

To adjust the footrest, sit on the chair and place your feet to the left and right of the frame.

Now press the footrest to the left and then edge it out on the right side.

At the desired hole, first place it on the left, press it firmly to the left and then insert it on the right.

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