The ingenious 5-Sided Table for all learning
concepts and forms of teaching.

Distance without effort. Ingenious single and group table. As flexible as the situation demands.


Dynamic sitting in new dimensions.

Even more dynamic, flexible, comfortable.
For a strong back and sustained concentration.



The 5-Sided Mat creates dynamic islands for seating, recreation and relaxation.

Saddle Stool

The 2-in-1 Multi-Talent for active sitting: ergonomic stool and saddle seat all in one.

A Lounge Concept for learning,
recreational and communication areas.

Extremely variable and versatile. 


The intelligent Acoustic System

Optimizes speech intelligibility, reduces noise, reduces stress.
Effective, inexpensive & easy.


Stacking Bench

Extremely versatile & sturdy. In 5 heights. For classrooms, auditoriums, hallways, gyms...

Office Swivel Chair

The Premium Swivel Chair: seating comfort & ergonomics as if tailor-made. Adapts perfectly to any body size & changing sitting positions.

Swivel Chair

Mobile, ergonomic, comfortable: the Swivel Chair with gas lift. Perfect for faculty rooms, workshops, specialist and computer rooms.

Teacher Caddy

The personal, mobile teacher's cabinet with mailbox. Accompanies you from room to room.

Mobile Teacher’s Table

The contemporary teacher's working space. Mobile & variable, usable for all teaching situations.

Classic Teacher's Desk

In classic, compact & sturdy four-legged design with 3 different lower units.

School Furniture for Secondary Schools: an overall concept that has been thought through down to the last detail with perfect function and great design at the same time: from the innovative EWT.5 5-Sided Table to the brand new 5-Sided Lounge and our highly effective EWA Acoustic System. For a perfect learning environment.