Solutions for Secondary Schools

The ultimate furnishing concept

for cooperative, dynamic and flexible learning.

In Secondary Schools, creating dynamic and flexible learning environments is crucial. Our specially developed school furniture, including the innovative 5-Sided Table, ergonomic Cantilever Chairs, various Storage Solutions, versatile Learning Corners and our Multifunctional Board System, are designed to meet the specific requirements of secondary school teaching.
The focus of our furniture selection here is to support a learning environment that encourages critical thinking, creative problem solving and effective group work. Our school furniture not only supports different forms of teaching and learning, but also provides the flexibility needed to quickly adapt spaces and encourage student concentration.

The 5-Sided Table

More possible combinations than any other school desk: thanks to the patented angle combination.

Thanks to its special, patented angles, our 5-Sided Tables enable multiple group constellations and offer the best possible eye contact. The integration of all participants is the top priority here. Nobody can hide anymore, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Direct eye contact is possible at any time and encourages greater attention. The intensive cooperation of such rounds leads to a greater social bond in the group within a short space of time, discussions are more organised and attention levels are higher.

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The Cantilever Chair

Dynamic seating in a new dimension.

Even more dynamic, bouncy and comfortable. For a strong back and sustained concentration.
When sitting in a forward position (e.g. when working at a table), the seat also tilts forwards. This creates an open seat angle that relieves pressure on the lumbar vertebrae. When leaning back in a relaxed position, the chair swings backwards, providing optimum support and relief for the back.
The cantilever chair reacts gently and bouncy to every shift in weight, keeping the body in constant motion. Instead of remaining in one position, the sitter is encouraged to change their posture frequently. The result: the muscles are stimulated and tension and back problems are prevented.

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The Multifunctional Board

On the wall and on the table: writing board, presentation surface and work board in one. GS-certified safety suspension.

This customisable board system is as flexible and versatile as you need it to be: Classic chalkboard and/or whiteboard. With or without rulings. Pinboard with durable lightweight foam core, presentation board and mobile table board that even Primary School children can work with with ease.

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Noise protection at school

The Acoustic Optimizer reduces noise, reduces stress and optimises speech intelligibility.

Our Acoustic Optimizers minimise background noise that is reflected back from the corners of the room. The effect: significantly quieter rooms with clear acoustics, optimised speech intelligibility and a noticeable reduction in stress.  

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The Contemporary Teacher’s Working Space, always in the middle of things.

Can be used variably for all teaching situations: height-adjustable and tiltable Vario 5-Sided Table EWT.5 HVMobile Teacher's Caddies EWL.10-12, the infinitely height-adjustable EWS.27 High Swivel Chair with gas lift and the tilt-resistant 5-Sided High Table EWT.5 ST.

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5-Sided Lounge

The Lounge Concept for Learning, Recreational and Communication Areas. Extremely variable and versatile Seating Elements.

5-Sided Mat

Creates dynamic islands for seating, recreation and relaxation. Our lounge family‘s versatile newcomer.

Saddle Stool

Helps keep the body in motion while stimulating attention and concentration. Ideal for more flexible forms of teaching, recreation and leisure. Indoors and outdoors.

High Swivel Chair

Infinitely height-adjustable, ergonomic, comfortable. The ideal High Swivel Chair for the Pentagonal Bar Table.

Swivel Chair

Mobile, ergonomic, comfortable. With gas lift. Perfect for faculty rooms, specialist and computer rooms, ...

Stacking Bench

Extremely versatile and robust. In the sports hall or assembly hall, in the corridor, classroom, recreation room, ... for sitting and lying down.

Making school really fun

School furniture for Secondary School. An overall concept that has been thought through down to the last detail with perfect function and great design: from the innovative 5-Sided Tables EWT.5 to the mobile 5-Sided Lounge and our highly effective acoustic system EWA. Our solutions help to turn a simple classroom into an active learning space.