Solutions for Teachers

Flexible Workplaces for Teachers

The change in pedagogical concepts also includes the classic "teacher's desk". A flexible overall concept for the classroom requires variable, adaptable solutions here as well. And even in the teachers' room today, it is no longer just about work: during breaks and free periods, people want to relax, there must be space for concentrated individual work and also for meetings.

Mobile Teacher’s Table

The contemporary teacher's working space. Mobile & variable, usable for all teaching situations.

Teacher’s Caddy

The personal, mobile teacher's cabinet with mailbox. Accompanies you from room to room.

Classic Teacher’s Desk

In classic, compact & sturdy four-legged design with 3 different lower units.

5-Sided Table

also suitable as a meeting table for the teachers' room or school office.

Table Socket

With USB charging ports. For the optimal power supply: Right where it's needed - directly at the 5-Sided Table.

Acoustic Optimizer

Highly effective & cost-efficient. Optimizes speech intelligibility, reduces stress & noise.

Cantilever Chair

Even more dynamic, springy & comfortable than conventional chairs. Dynamic sitting in a new dimension: for a strong back and long-lasting concentration.

Office Swivel Chair

The premium swivel chair: seating comfort & ergonomics as if tailor-made. Adapts perfectly to any body size & changing sitting positions.

Swivel Chair

Mobile, ergonomic, comfortable: the swivel chair with gas lift. Perfect for faculty rooms, workshops, specialist and computer rooms.

Lounge Concept

The ultimate five-sided format from EinrichtWerk – now available as seating elements with and without backrests.

The innovative lounge concept from EinrichtWerk creates variable seating landscapes as and where they’re needed: in the staff room, in the classroom, in common areas...