Seating Furniture for the Primary School

Footrest Chair

One height for everyone. Facilitates mixed-age & dynamic learning. Ideal for students in classes 1-6.

Stacking Bench

Extremely versatile & sturdy. In 5 heights. For classrooms, auditoriums, hallways, gyms...

Footrest Chair SP

The flexible chair for people of smaller stature - for school and home. Features 5-way adjustable footrest.

Lounge Concept

A seating landscape as a learning, recreational & communication area.
· NEW ·

Cantilever Chair

Even more dynamic, springy & comfortable than conventional chairs. Dynamic sitting in a new dimension: for a strong back and long-lasting concentration.

Swivel Chair

Mobile, ergonomic, comfortable: the swivel chair with gas lift. Perfect for faculty rooms, workshops, specialist and computer rooms.

Office Swivel Chair

The premium swivel chair: seating comfort & ergonomics as if tailor-made. Adapts perfectly to any body size & changing sitting positions.
· NEW ·