Noise Protection in Day-Care, School and Office:

The Acoustic Optimizer reduces noise and stress and optimizes speech intelligibility.

... in the Day-Care Centre

In Day-Care centres, the task of the Acoustic Optimizer is to reduce the everyday noise level. The sometimes unbearable noise, however, is generated by the room alone (not the children) and this is exactly what our Acoustic Optimizer solves. In addition, the intelligibility of speech, which is extremely important for children at this stage of development, is significantly improved by the EWA acoustic system.

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... in Schools and Seminar Rooms

The focus in schools und seminar rooms is on better speech intelligibility. Optimising this is the task of the EWA Acoustic Optimizer. The high noise frequency for hours on end stresses pupils and teachers alike. At the same time, it is significantly reduced by the Acoustic Optimizer.

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... for Office and Conference Rooms

Even in offices and small meeting rooms, noise reduction is a priority. Many speakers, many voices, a lot of unintelligibility and effort when talking. The Acoustic Optimizer prevents what is perceived as noise from coming from the corners and edges of the rooms right from the start.

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