The ultimate furnishing concept for cooperative, dynamic and flexible learning.

The ingenious 5-Sided Table

with the most combination possibilties
explained in 90 seconds: Video

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from the Secondary School Sector.

The Multifunctional Board

Wall board, work board and table presentation in one. Individually configurable, flexible and versatile.

The 5-Sided Mat

creates dynamic islands of seating, play and recreation.

The 2-in-1 Saddle Stool

for active sitting: ergonomic stool and saddle seat in one.

New standing workstations.

Mobile, innovative and space saving.

5-Sided High Table

Sit/stand high table for a wide range of uses: A must-have in the modern school environment.

Vario 5-Sided Table

All the advantages of the patented 5-Sided Tables: Now also available as a Vario version. Also height-adjustable and tiltable.

High Swivel Chair

Infinitely height-adjustable, ergonomic, comfortable. The ideal High Swivel Chair for the Pentagonal Bar Table.

5-Sided Table
Cantilever Chair
Multi­functional board
5-Sided Lounge
5-Sided Mat
Saddle Stool
Footrest Chair
Storage Cabinet
Mobile Teacher's Table
Teacher's Caddy
Stacking Bench

From Primary School to Adult Education:

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References ...

from the Primary School Sector.

Primary School

Secondary School

Adult Education

Adult Education

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Day-Care: Acoustic

explained in 90 seconds: Video


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As a team with extensive experience ...

in the field of educational furniture, we have closely examined, listened to, and analyzed the challenges we are confronted with today, in both teaching and learning in our schools and in adult education. Solving these challenges is what drives us. This is how new products are created that can change and improve teaching:

  • Our unique 5-Sided Table for all learning, teaching and working
    forms - ideally suited for individual and group work.
  • Our flexible Cantilever Chair for dynamic & agile sitting - ensures
    long-lasting concentration and strengthens the back.
  • Our newly developed  Seating Landscape: exceptionally versatilefor grouping. Perfectly suited for learning, recreational and communication areas.
  • Our highly effective, innovative and yet cost-effective Acoustic-System - for perfect speech intelligibility, less noise and less stress.

Our in-house developed and legally protected tables, cabinets, and acoustic elements directly influence the interaction in school classes, encourage the integration of a social framework and establish new enthusiasm for teaching and for learning - as a cooperation. At the same time, flexible teaching concepts receive new impulses.

All of our school furniture is „Made in Germany“ and meets the highest demands.

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Customer testimonials about our 5-Sided Tables

„I've been working with the 5-Sided Tables for a year now ... The flexibility is part of my everyday life, enriched by the 5-Sided Tables and their writing surfaces. Everything was going well for my students and for me, until one day we changed rooms ... to return to a "classical" classroom ... That's when I realized how much my life and practice had changed over time. I was very surprised at the discomfort in a "classical" classroom (with the same space), the lack of mobility, the lack of space, flexibility and movement ... I noticed changes in my students, who were much less inclined to cooperate, help others, share, but also in myself. A big thank you for these tables and a big thank you to my principal for guiding me through these transformations.“

Laurent Bescond, Lycée Sainte-Clotilde, Strasbourg

„The entire school team thinks that the furniture is a good choice for our auditorium, both ergonomically and visually, and in terms of its potential uses. We have already had to move some tables to other classrooms because of Corona.  The easy transport, as well as the space-saving single tables, are simply brilliant in Corona times.“

Simone Hübner, StDin, Assistant School Director, Don Bosco Vocational School Waldwinkel

„We have been able to equip our entire Sek-I with the Small 5-corner tables and are very satisfied. ... Even if, due to the pandemic, we can only vary the methods to a limited extent, it is already apparent that the diverse arrangement options are perceived by students and teachers. In addition, the tables also look of higher quality (surfaces, rounding) than conventional furniture and have so far proven to be robust.“

Rudolf Thomann, Deputy Director IGS Kronsberg

We are partners of the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels. 
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