Noise protection in the office

The Acoustic Optimizer reduces noise, reduces stress and optimises speech intelligibility.

People talk on the phone and discuss things in offices - meetings can be lively.

The result is a disturbing and stressful background noise. However, it is not the people in the room that cause stress, but the room itself, and this can usually be changed quite easily.

Our brain is very good at separating relevant sounds such as speech from unimportant background noise. However, this requires an enormous amount of computing power from the brain. The more power is required for this filtering, the less is available for understanding the content. In rooms with poor acoustics, half of the brain's processing power is quickly lost to filtering out background noise.

Conversely, the better the speech intelligibility, the more capacity is available for understanding and the greater the learning success - or the result in discussions.
At the same time, the stress for the presenters is reduced.

Advantages of the Acoustic Optimizer EWA:

  • Highly effective: Prevents the generation of distorted noise. 
  • No overdamping: Speech intelligibility is significantly improved.
  • Space-saving: No loss of room height, walls remain free.
  • Cost-effective: No change to the lighting.
  • Sustainable: Quickly installed - just as quickly removed (e.g. for rental properties).
  • Safe: The absorbent core is non-flammable (A1), the cover fabric is flame-retardant (B1).

Well placed wherever it gets louder.

Office, meeting room, lounge, kitchen, corridor, staircase, …

Optimise speech intelligibility.

Our solution is based on the latest research and findings from recording studios. The cause of stress-inducing noise is not the source of the noise, but what the room makes of it. This is because right angles throw the sound pressure back into the room distorted and amplified by up to 20 dB.
The Acoustic Optimizer does not simply attenuate the entire noise level of the room (as conventional surface absorbers do), but prevents the emergence of what is perceived as noise from the edges and corners of the room.

The use of the Acoustic Optimizer EWA creates quiet rooms with clean, clear acoustics, optimised speech intelligibility and a significant reduction in stress.

This is how it works:

The Acoustic Optimizer EWA eliminates the sound pressure phenomena (up to 20 dB additional noise) coming from the corners of the rooms. This is the real cause of the stress that rooms generate.

At the same time, the distorted overlays hinder the clear understanding of speech - which leads to even more stress.
The simple solution: the Acoustic Optimizer absorbs this sound or noise.

Worth Knowing / Cost Benefits

Quickly installed during operation.

The installation time is usually only 1 - 2 hours per room. This does not restrict the operation of the facility. You can easily carry out the installation yourself. All installation materials including instructions are included in the scope of delivery.

Declutter your rooms with the help of the acoustic system and take the pressure off your employees. At the same time, you can help your students to concentrate, as filtering out background noise requires enormous "computing power" from the brain, which leads to premature switching off and therefore inattention.

Send us a drawing with the dimensions of your rooms and photos of all sides of the room. We will then be happy to provide you with a plan and a free quote.

Worth Knowing / Planning Aid

Effective · Cost-efficient · Simple

What our customers say:

"If you know how awful the gym sounded before: simply incredible."

Barbara Agricola, youth counsellor, on the gym of the Day-Care Bredow-Siedlung

"The play sessions with the children… … have become more relaxed as the children no longer have to drown each other out. ... When the children sing during music lessons, there is much less noise in the other rooms. ... Communication and speech intelligibility during team meetings, which take place in the gym, has improved considerably.“

Jasmin Kokaj, Head of the Johannis Day-Care Centre in Werther

„The acoustic optimisers have also made a difference in the stairwell. With 6 elements on the ceiling, the upper stairwell is much quieter than the staircase to the basement.“

… This is a win-win situation for everyone, especially employees.“

Jörg Havekost, Head of the Bredow-Siedlung Day-Care Centre in Wetzlar

„We first tested the Acoustic Optimizers in one room. We chose the room of the morning reception group for this. The effect was enormous. This was particularly noticeable when we later changed the room of the reception group.“

"After the test it was clear …

… that we wanted to equip the entire Day-Care centre with the elements. In preparation for the decision, we were able to demonstrate the difference between the room equipped with the Acoustic Optimizers and a neighbouring room. That was convincing.“

"What I particularly like about the Acoustic Optimizers is that our wooden ceilings have been retained. In contrast to other solutions discussed in advance, the low installation effort was also impressive in retrospect."

Jörg Havekost, Head of the Bredow-Siedlung Day-Care Centre in Wetzlar