The 5-Sided Mat EWS.65 for floor-level learning.

The 5-Sided Mat creates dynamic islands for seating, recreation and relaxation.

Our lounge family's versatile newcomer.

Comfortable, durable and washable.
Comfortably sprawled out, listening to a story. Sit, crouch, kneel or lie down casually, ...

The durable 5-Sided Mats are an ideal romping space. Without effort, these mobile multi-talents form areas for learning, recreation and relaxation, promote physical motion, and are a great stimulus for changing body positions.

Can be perfectly combined with our 5-Sided Lounge

Our tip: ideal for all-day schools

Comfortable sitting:
Not just the buttocks, the legs and feet rest on it as well.

The 5-Sided Mat mat is part of our lounge family and can therefore be perfectly combined with ours 5-Sided Lounge.

The insulating mats are also perfect for gymnastics and yoga exercises.

Here as well, the successful 5-sided format also facilitates a variety of possible arrangements and uses: from Circle Time to smaller gatherings and angular formations, through to room islands of different sizes and configurations.

Stack to save space.

Core made of firm foam. Durable sewn cover made of imitation leather: washable, skin-friendly, UV and sweat resistant, tear and abrasion resistant*, flame retardant**.

*Abrasion test (Martindale) ≥100,000
**(B1), DIN/EN 1021 1+2(match + lighter), ÖNORM B3825.

EWS.65 Technical Specifications

Dark orange

further colors available on request
Width: 62,5 cm
Depth: 67,5 cm
Height: 6 cm

Weight: 1,2 kg
Core made of firm foam. Durable sewn cover made of imitation leather:

Advantages of our 5-Sided Mat: 

  • extremely variable:
    only two variants - countless arrangements
  • quick and easy to rearrange
  • durable due to robust, easy-care imitation leather

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