EWB.100 – The Multifunctional Board

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On the wall and on the table: writing board, presentation surface and work board in one. GS-certified safety suspension.

This customisable whiteboard system is as flexible and versatile as you need it to be: Classic chalkboard and/or whiteboard. With or without rulings. Pin board with durable light-foam core, presentation board and mobile table board with which even primary school children can work with ease.

Advantages of our multifunctional board:

  • Writing, presentation surface and work board in one
  • Extremely light, can be moved with one hand
  • Can be hung on any edge, can be used on both sides
  • High-quality, durable steel enamel
  • Front/rear side can be freely combined

Distortion-free and light as a feather thanks to the light foam core.

In the standard format (100 x 100 cm) the multifunctional board with one chalk side and one pin side weighs just 6 kg. With a double-sided pin surface even only 3 kg.

Hook in, unhook, rehang, move.

Child‘s play and safe. With one hand. Thanks to the low weight and the safety fitting on both sides, the multifunctional board can be easily moved with one hand and moved from one rail to another.

The wall rails: ultra-flat and smooth-running.

With practical clamping roller for paper, cards, flipchart sheets, ... of various sizes.

Mount the 15 mm flat aluminium rails on the wall at two different heights: This way, both teachers and students can work ergonomically. With concealed clamping roller for paper and decorative tape to cover the mounting screws.

GS-certified unhooking safety device.

Due to the unique security fitting, the multifunction panel can only be unhooked at an angle of 15°. Even in the event of an accidental knock or impact, the panels cannot fall down. The blunt angles of the safety profile and the rounded plastic corners minimise the risk of injury.

Maintenance-free wall rail:

1) Mounting for the panel:Smooth-running and maintenance-free.
2) Decorative tape to cover the mounting screws.
3) Concealed pinch rollers for holding paper in place.

Maintenance-free, elegant and easy to use in a variety of ways.

You can also use the attractive multi-functional board system to present project work in the foyer, for information and announcements. As a „notice board“ in the canteen, memo board in the staff room, moderation equipment at workshops, ...

This „notice board“ in the FH Brugg/Windisch can be easily adapted: To switch between memo board or, for example, brochure holder, it is simply re-hung.

A whole wall for writing, planning, sketching, painting, ...

Wall rails mounted directly on the frameless whiteboard panels, complete with boards, create a huge multifunctional work and presentation surface.

Our high-quality enamelled whiteboard panels can be assembled almost seamlessly: to form coherent, writable work walls. Ideally suited for complex presentations, for working in groups, ... And as a huge creative surface on which even the little ones can draw and play while sitting. For the ultimate combination of large surface and individual surfaces, simply mount the multifunctional board system directly on the whiteboard wall. It could hardly be more flexible and functional.

Extremely resistant, scratch-proof and durable steel enamel. 25-year guarantee on the surfaces.

Unlike lower-quality (usually only lacquered) boards, the hard-fired enamel forms a particularly smooth and resistant writing surface from which chalk and markers can be wiped off without leaving any residue, even after years of intensive use.

Technical Specifications for the Multifunctional Board EWB.100

1 board - 2 usable sides. Simply turn over.

You can freely combine front and back.For example, one side chalkboard, the other pinboard with fabric cover (5 colours to choose from). Or magnetic whiteboard - with or without rulings.

Surface panels:
  • Whiteboard (steel enamel)
  • Chalk (steel enamel)
  • Pin (fabric)

Standard size of the board: 100 x 100 cm. Other dimensions are possible on request.

Weight (100 x 100 cm):
Chalk/Pin: 6 kg
Pin/Pin: 3 kg

Double-sided safety fitting: Unhooking only possible at a 15° angle.

  • Can be used on both sides, in any combination
  • All-round, elegant aluminum safety profile with steel angle reinforcement in the corners
  • Plastic corner protection, rounded
  • Chalkboards in three colors: green, blue or anthracite
  • Chalkboard and whiteboard surface made of enameled sheet steel, magnetic

Colors decorative tape of the wall rail:

Light grey
Dark grey

Wall rail
  • Lies extremely flat (only 15 mm thick)
  • Can be connected endlessly
  • With concealed clamping roller for holding paper or cards
  • With plastic decorative tape in the middle (8 different colors) to cover the mounting screws
  • Incl. all connecting pieces and end terminationsse
  • Incl. mounting material and instructions
  • Standard lengths 200 and 300 cm (individual cuts possible)

Colours for pinboard:

Dark orange
Dark red

Pinboard fabric cover:
100% post-consumer recycled polyester. OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, EU Ecolabel, light fastness 5-8, flame retardant according to DIN 4102 - B1, EN 1021 1&2 Cigarette & match

Colours steel enamel:

White / Whiteboard
Grey / Chalkboard
Green / Chalkboard
Blue / Chalkboard

All common rulings available
- optional low or high visibility
- for whiteboard and chalk

Rulings for chalk (left) and whiteboard (right)

1) strong; 2) weak; 3) cross check;

1 1st school year 4:5:4 cm
2 2nd school year 3:4:3 cm
3 3rd school year 3.5 cm
4 4th school year 10 cm
5 staves 2.5 cm
6 Arithmetic box: 5 cm / 7 cm / 10 cm
7 Cross check: 5 cm / 10 cm

Cross check is always faintly visible: black on chalk, light gray on whiteboard

Rulings 1 - 6: either weakly or strongly visible.

The rulings are printed and burned in, making them extremely robust.

Advantages   |    Description   |    Wall rail   |    Rulings   |    Technical Specifications   

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