Interchargeable Glides:

for our Cantilever and Footrest Chair

Technical Specifications     |      Description     

Der flexible Fußrastenstuhl von EinrichtWerk
Der flexible Fußrastenstuhl von EinrichtWerk
Stuhl für Inklusion mit flexibler Fußrastenverstellung

Interchargeable Glides for cantilever chair EWS.3/4 and footrest chair EWF.3/4, from model year 2022. Choice of plastic or felt. The old insert is levered out with a simple screwdriver and the new insert is pushed in by hand. Finished. Available individually. With its four glides, each chair has a contact surface of 73 square centimetres. The large contact surface means less pressure (weight force). And therefore less damage to the floor, especially if dirt gets between the glides and the floor.

We recommend felt glides for all hard floors and plastic glides for carpet or cork floors.

Technical Specifications of the Drawer:


  • Felt
  • Plastic


  • Easy to change with a normal screwdriver.

Technical Specifications     |      Description     

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