Das Video zum Fünfecktisch EWT.5: in 90 Sekunden erklärt.

Das Video zum Akustik-Optimierer EWA: 
in 90 Sekunden erklärt.

The combination-help on your smartphone or tablet: 
Countless possible combinations of our 5-sided table available at a glance. For quick and easy regrouping of school tables in all secondary schools.

Footrest Chair EWF.3/4

Die simple Verstellung der Fußraste des Fußrastenstuhls von EinrichtWerk

To adjust the footrest sit on the chair, place your feet to the left and right of the frame.
Now push the footrest to the left and then edge it out on the right side.
At the desired hole, first place it on the left, press it firmly to the left and then insert it on the right.