The Ingenious 5-Sided Table

For all forms of teaching and learning concepts at secondary schools.

Verschiedene Kombinationsmöglichkeiten des Fünfecktisches von EinrichtWerk
Kooperative Arbeit mit dem Fünfecktisch von EinrichtWerk
Der Fünfecktisch: Schultisch und -stuhl für flexibles Arbeiten

The better school table: in pandemic times and afterwards.

Pandemics, hygiene regulations and distance requirements are likely to keep schools and teaching institutions busy for a long time to come. This makes it all the more important to have furnishings that can be adapted quickly and easily to changing situations and guidelines. Like the ingenious 5-Sided Table. A fully-fledged single table that can be set up in an instant as a group of 2, 3, 4 or 6, in rows or as a round. At the same time, the ultimate school table for flexible learning: mobile and enormously versatile for grouping.  Virtually any arrangement is possible and set up in no time at all.

The School Table for Everyone:

puts an end to different table shapes and sizes.

Universal use in all secondary schools: from classrooms to faculty rooms, through to auditoriums, cafeterias, differentiation and specialty rooms...
Kombinationsmöglichkeiten für den Fünfecktisch von EinrichtWerk en

Countless combination possibilities: individual work - in a row - group work - round table discussions.

Especially group work and mixed-age groups in secondary schools demonstrate the strengths of the EWT.5 5-sided table. No matter whether group combinations of 2, 3, 4 or 6 students, large rounds or in a row. With our school table, almost any arrangement is possible and creates the best possible communication situation for teachers and learners.

The combination-help on your smartphone or tablet:
Multiple combination options of the 5-sided table available at a glance. This way you can easily and quickly regroup the school tables in the primary school.

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Watch a short video, to see how our table concept works:

Extremely versatile, flexible and easy to combine, yet the spacious work surface of classic single tables.

A rectangle with 5 corners? That is our 5-Sided Table EWT.5: an innovative school table 100% Made in Germany. As a basic format a classic rectangle with a corner cut off. The completely new format combines the advantages and size of classic single tables with the flexibility of oval, trapezoid and triangular tables.

Oberschule in Nordhorn: flexible Schultische von EinrichtWerk

Customer Testimonials

„I have been working with the 5-Sided Tables for a year now... Being flexible is part of my everyday life, which has been enriched by the 5-Sided Tables and their writing surfaces. Everything was going well for my students and for me, until one day we changed rooms ... to return to a "classic" classroom...
It was then that I realized how much my life and the way I work had changed over time.
I was very surprised at the discomfort in a "classical" classroom (with the same space), the lack of mobility, the lack of space, flexibility and movement...
I noticed changes in my students, who were much less inclined to cooperate, help others, interact with each other - but also in myself.
A big thank you for these tables and a big thank you to my school director for supporting me with these transformations.“

(Laurent Bescond, High School Sainte-Clotilde, Strasbourg)

„The entire school team thinks that the furniture is a good choice for our auditorium, both ergonomically and visually, and in terms of its potential uses. We have already had to move some tables to other classrooms because of Corona.  The easy transport, as well as the space-saving single tables, are simply brilliant in Corona times.“
(Simone Hübner, StDin, Assistant School Director, Don Bosco Vocational School Waldwinkel)

„Right now, during the current Corona era, we have once again not regretted our decision to use THESE single tables! Nevertheless, the children are already very much looking forward to being able to set up and arrange the tables again in all of the different possibilities.“
((Michaela Knab, Director, Primary School Grettstadt))

„For a long time, the teaching staff looked into the idea of flexible furniture for the classrooms and tested many models. In the end, the winners were the 5-Sided Tables from Einrichtwerk.
The tables allow for an optimal use of space, even in smaller classrooms, because they can be arranged creatively using the 5-sided shape.  The sketches from Einrichtwerk with the positioning guides were also helpful and were used extensively.
The tables are flexible due to the castors and can even be handled by first graders. The tables can be rearranged for other types of work in no time at all. The concern that smaller children would not be able to cope with the somewhat higher chairs was completely unfounded. They were able to get used to them very quickly.
The colleagues look enviously at the classes with the "new" furniture and are already looking forward to their own new furnishings.
Everyone is thrilled, and no one wants to have to do without the convenient furniture again.“

(Claudia Ullenboom, School Director, GGS Hermann-Gmeiner in Monheim)

Our ultimate furnishing concept for flexible, dynamic and cooperative learning for all secondary schools.

Der Fünfecktisch von EinrichtWerk in drei verschiedenen Größen für individuelle Anpassungen

Our innovative 5-Sided Table offers countless possibilities. Enormously versatile, mobile and dynamic for grouping. But still, with a tabletop of 0.46 m2, this school table is a fully-fledged single table (format 79). As a result, it offers students enough space for supplies, tablets, documents and books.

Furnished with our 5-Sided Table, multifunctional learning spaces are created from classrooms. This school table is suitable for any form of teaching. Especially with modern and cooperative school lessons our table trumps the others. But the 5-Sided Table also wins in afternoon supervision in all-day schools, front-of-class teaching, parent or teacher meetings or configuration in the faculty room.

Der Fünfecktisch von EinrichtWerk in drei verschiedenen Formaten und Ausrichtungen

Fully-fledged single table: this 5-Sided Table delivers added value.

In all three offered formats, the school desk with five sides offers enough space for writing exams or tests at the single table. Three different seating positions are possible. In secondary schools, this 5-sided table can be adapted to particular room proportions or to personal working methods.

Left-handers (a) use the 5-Sided Table sitting on the slanted side and simply "vice versa". This leaves the students spacious space at the top and on the right to place their documents within easy reach.

mobiler Fünfecktisch von EinrichtWerk

Effortless rolling instead of carrying.

Dynamic learning with the EWT.5 school table starts with its lockable double castor: in no time at all, the 5-sided tables can be easily rearranged and new teaching situations can be created in seconds.

Flexibel stapelbarer Fünfecktisch von EinrichtWerk

To save space, 6-8 table can be stacked, even by a single person.

Even in smaller classrooms, new free spaces for various activities can be created quickly.

(6 tables stackable: format 67, 8 tables stackable: format 79 and 100)

Easy to clean, waterproof, practically indestructible.

The 13 mm thick HPL solid core panel with rounded safety edge (instead of edging strips) is practically indestructible. Even liquids won't damage it. Particularly safe: 4 mm rounded edges - far exceeding current regulations of 2 mm. And greatly reducing the risk of injury.


Die mobilen Schulmöbel vom Möbelhersteller EinrichtWerk

Instruction in small groups:

Perfect to combine with the mobile and height-adjustable EWL.1 Teacher's Table. This allows more in-depth teaching of smaller groups.

Cantilever Chair EWS.3

Swivel Chair EWS.25

Flexibles Lernen in weiterführenden Schulen mit dem Fünfecktisch von EinrichtWerk

Advantages of our 5-Sided Table:

  • supports flexible and cooperative learning
  • perfectly suited for all forms of teaching or working groups
  • created a learning height / desk level for everyone
  • mobile and stackable
  • hygienic: easy to clean
  • developed and produced in Germany

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