Noise Protection at Office

Highly effective & cost-effective noise protection in the office. Reduces noise and reduces stress.
Lärmschutz ist Arbeitsschutz. Der Akustik-Optimierer von EinrichtWerk löst das Lärmproblem in Schulungsräumen und Büros

In offices there are phone calls, discussions, and meetings can be lively. This all creates disturbing and stressful background noise. However, the people in the room are not the source of stress, it's the room itself - and this can usually be changed quite easily.

Sound arriving at all 90-degree angles is distorted and amplified. The noise coming back from these angles causes stress reactions in the ear. At the same time, the distorted overlays impede clean understanding of speech - leading to even more stress.

The use of the Acoustic Opitmizer EWA creates quiet rooms with clean, clear acoustics, optimized speech intelligibility and a significant reduction in stress.

Our brain is very good at separating relevant sounds like speech from unimportant interfering sounds. Yet this requires a tremendous amount of processing power from the brain. The more effort that is needed for this filtering, the less there is available for understanding the content. In rooms with poor acoustics, half of the brain's processing power is quickly lost for filtering out the background noise.

Conversely, the better the speech intelligibility, the more capacity there is available for understanding information and developing ideas – meaning better results in seminars and meetings.

Der Fünfecktisch von EinrichtWerk im Ausbildungszentrum der S-Bahn Berlin

Our solution is based on the current state of research as well as findings from sound studios. The cause of the stress triggering noise is not the noise source, but what the room does with it. This is because right angles throw the sound pressure back into the room distorted and amplified by up to 20 db. The Acoustic Optimizer does not simply dampen the entire noise level of the room (as usual surface absorbers do), but prevents the noise from coming from the edges and corners of the room.

Remove the noise from your rooms with the help of our Acoustic Optimizers and provide relief for your employees. They will thank you for it - and so will the children. Increased speech intelligibility is just one component; the more relaxed atmosphere in turn leads to more relaxed children.

Where does the Acoustic Optimizer help?

The Acoustic Optimizer prevents noise in all rooms with 90-degree angles:

  • Activity rooms, gyms
  • Offices, meeting rooms
  • Hallways and staircases
  • Kitchens and workrooms ...

To increase the quietness of any of the above rooms, we recommend always starting with the 90-degree angles. If this should not be sufficient, supplementary measures can provide further help. This way you can save money and effort. Please get in touch with us, we’re also happy to consult with you directly on site.

Advantages of our Acoustic Optimizer:

  • Highly effective: prevents the emergence of distorted noise in the boundaries of the room.
  • No danger of over-dampening: Speech intelligibility is significantly improved.
  • Flexible and mobile: Can be easily and quickly re-hung. Also ideally suited for interim solutions and rental properties.
  • Cost-effective: no need to change lighting.
  • Space-saving: The walls remain unobstructed for presentations. No loss of room height.
  • Quick and easy installation: even during ongoing business.
  • Safety: the mineral wool core is non-combustible (A1), the covering fabric is flame retardant (B1).

We'll consult with you directly on site

Send us photos of the rooms and the dimensions (a floor plan would be appreciated if available).  For more complex projects, we are also happy to visit the site to get an idea of the situation.

Optimizers, create a drawing for you and make you an offer.

Optionally, we can also include the installation in the offer. However, since this is quite simple, it can also be carried out without our assistance. We provide instructions and assembly material with the delivery

The assembly time is usually 1 - 2 hours per room. There is no need to interrupt the daily business of the facility.

Customer Testimonials

„We first tested the Acoustic Optimizers in one room. For this, we chose the room of the morning reception group. The effect was enormous. It was especially noticeable once again when we later changed the reception group's room.

After the test, it was clear that we wanted to furnish the entire day-care with the elements. In order to prepare for making the decision, we were able to demonstrate the difference between the room equipped with the Acoustic Optimizers and a neighboring room. That convinced everyone.

What I also find particularly good about the Acoustic Optimizers is that our wooden ceilings have been preserved. Looking back at it, the low installation effort was also impressive in contrast to other solutions discussed beforehand.

„The Acoustic Optimizers also made a difference in the stairwell. With 6 elements on the ceiling, the upper stairwell is much quieter than the exit to the basement.
That's a win-win for everyone, especially the employees.“

Jörg Havekost, head of the Bredow-Siedlung day-care center in Wetzlar

„Knowing how awful the gym sounded before: simply amazing.“

Barbara Agricola, Youth Advisor, about the gymnasium at the Bredow-Siedlung day-care

„The acoustic ceiling wasn't of much use - you couldn't get this severe clang out of your ears (...) for example, when the supervised individuals expressed themselves very loudly. But now that's gone. Now it's definitely bearable if some of the group are extremely loud.“

Head of a support group, developmental section for those with physical and mental disabilities in the Hellweg workshop.

„Shortly after the installation of the Acoustic Optimizer, a parents' meeting was held in this room and several parents spontaneously asked whether something had been changed in the room, the room was no longer uncomfortable when so many people were talking at the same time ...“

Holger Weineck, Operations Manager of the Nicolai Workshop (Hellweg-Werkstätten)

Cost Advantage

Greater benefit for less money: acoustic refurbishment of an average classroom, estimated


Sustainable due to simple suspension: If rooms are later used for other purposes or the building is even demolished, the Sound Absorbers EWA can be unhooked and reused in other rooms or buildings. This saves money and prevents waste. This makes the Acoustic Optimizer particularly suitable for rental properties.

The fiber of the Xtreme cover fabric is flame retardant (B1). The fabric is not impregnated and therefore does not need to be replaced after 10 years.
If for any reason the fabric becomes unsightly or you have grown tired of the chosen color, we also offer re-covering. So the core material will be preserved.


Read more about the physical principles of room acoustics

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