Mat Trolley

Efficient classroom organization: Our practical mat trolley for 10 5-Sided Mats.

This mobile storage trolley made of high-quality multilayer wood offers a safe and tidy storage solution for your 5-Sided Mats. Your 5-Sided Mats are always tidy and ready to hand. With four lockable double castors.

The mat trolley is supplied as a kit with detailed assembly instructions to ensure smooth assembly.

Please note that the mats are not included in the price.

Advantages of our Mat Trolley

  • Designed to fit 10 mats perfectly
  • Mobile, thanks to 4 double castors
  • Tidy, high-quality appearance
  • High-quality multilayer wood

Technical Specifications of the Mat Trolley:

Multilayer wood

Width: 65 cm
Depth: 73 cm
Height incl. castors: 71 cm

Empty weight: 13.5 kg

To the 5-Sided Mat

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